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Thanks so much to everyone who came out to our sale & to those who watched & purchased online. We had a great crowd and a very active set of bidders which allowed us to sell 146 bulls in under 2 hours.

Sale results posted below.

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Gross Average

146 Bulls $842,400 $5,770

High Selling Yearling Bulls

Lot 71C – JL Preseason 5071 sold for $35,000 to

D&N Livestock & Box Ranching & Preseason Semen Group.

Lot 31C – JL International 5031 sold for $28,000 to

Spruce View Angus, Killam, Ab.

Lot 1C – JL Active Duty 5001 sold for $26,500 to

Corrie Richardson, Eastend, Sk.

Lot 22C – JL Prefer 5022 sold for $20,500 to

D&N Livestock, Peebles, Sk.

Lot 19C – JL Resource 5019 sold for $15,000 to

Rood Ranching, Bengough, Sk.

Lot 43C – JL Super Rito 5043 sold for $12,000 to

Waveny Angus Farms, Vermilion, Ab.

Dad headed down to Schaff Angus Valley yesterday to take in the big sale.  With 474 bulls and 220 females it takes a bit of time to evaluate all the ones we are interested in.  For the last number of years we have been selecting sons of either SAV May 2397 or her daughter SAV Blackcap May 4136.  We are now using 8 of their sons so we were looking for something a bit different.  We started to use SAV Registry a bit last year, a SAV Madame Pride 0075 son, and were were hoping to add a little more of her influence to our herd.  There were a set of Flush brothers by her, out of both Resource and Renown, two sons of SAV Blackcap May 4136, that we thought could fit for us.  After going through the offering. Dad gave me a call last night, and felt that Lot 47, a Resource son of 0075 was the one to buy.  SAV Rising Sun 5179 was the leadoff Resource son in the catalogue and looked the part.

Lot 110 a son of 4136 lead off the sale at $650,000, another Resource son lot 60 brought $460,000.  At least a dozen bulls brought $40,000+.  Semex bought Lot 41, and Alta bought Lot 93, 98, and 94.  I do have individual prices on many of the bulls and if your interested in a particular lot give me a text and I will see if I have it.  1 306 736 7393

At the end of the day 474 bulls averaged $16,245.  The incredible thing is the majority of these bulls sell to commercial customers.

We were successful in purchasing Lot 47, SAV Rising Sun 5179 and are very excited to get him home.

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