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6 Cow/Heifer Calf Pairs Averaged $7,183.33

67 Bred Heifers Averaged $5,487.31

2 Heifer Calves Averaged $17,500.00

37 Cows Averaged $4,266.22

28 Group Lots Averaged $3,008.93

199 Commercial Bred Heifers Averaged $3,024.62

122 Purebred Lots Averaged $5,389.29 

Total Sale Grossed $1,289,750.00 

High Selling Bred Heifers 

Lot 1A – JL Forvever Lady 6104 sired by S A V Renown 3439 was purchased by Rehorst Farms Ltd., Teeswater, ON for $44,000.00

Lot 2 – JL Evening Tinge 6208 sired by S A V Renown 3439 was purchased by Shagbark Angus, Owen Sound, ON for $10,000.00

Lot 14 – JL Atlanta 6200 sired by S A V Registry 2831 High Selling Heifer Calf was purchased by Bone Creek Ranch, Eastend, SK for $11,500.00

Lot 1B – JL Forever Lady 7071 sired by S A V Renown 3439 was purchased by Glen Cross Cattle Co., Mono, On for $24,000.00

High Selling Single Cows 

Lot 110 – JL Barbara 3204 sired by S A V 004 Density 4336 was purchased by Leela Farms, Dummond, ON for $23,000.00

Lot 112 – JL Emblynette 2213 sired by S Chisum 6175 was purchased by Corrie Richardson, Eastend, SK for $7,000.00

High Selling Cow/Calf Pair 

Lot 104A & 104 – JL Penny 2197 sired by KG Smart One 9116 was purchased by Bear Tooth, Lloydminster, AB and her heifer calf JL Penny 7306 sired by SAV Renown 2439 was purchased by Tullamore Angus, Caledon, ON for $9,250.00

This afternoon we took a few videos of some of the pens of sale bred heifers. It’s pretty hard to see individuals but we more wanted to show the uniformity in these similar bred heifers. There are lots of half and three quarter sisters in these pens bred the same way.

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions on individual heifers.