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This last week, Dad and I headed down to our South pastures. 150 pair were on 5 1/2 quarters of dry pasture. We ran the whole group into a previously set up corral, sorted the cows off and then loaded two loaves of calves to bring home. The cows will remain there until first snow, hopefully that will be late November. The bull calves will go onto a silage ration and heifer calves will go back on home pasture within a few days.

Here is a bit of an overview of the evenings job.

Last month our girls attended their first Junior Angus Show in Lloydminster. This year was their first year in 4H which they thoroughly enjoyed and decided to take it to the next level at the Canadian Show. This was a 4 day event where they competed against hundreds of fellow Junior Angus members and great Angus cattle. A big thank you to Holly and Kelly Somerville from Ontario for all their help throughout the show. The girls were able to compete in multiple events and I think it was as exciting for us as parents as it was for them.


Cooking together is one of our favourite things to do as a family. When we built our home, the kitchen was where we put a huge focus – cooking and visiting while we work has created some of the best memories. Of course it goes without saying, that a large portion of those meals focus on beef.

We have recently connected with some of the great people over at Canada Beef and are so excited to share with you their free app, The Roundup. This app is full of so much helpful content – cut descriptions, cooking know-how, a tenderness guide & LOTS of recipes! Not only is it full of so many useful tips and tricks but it is super easy to navigate and a very enjoyable experience while browsing.

The first recipe we chose to try from the app is the Southwestern Beefsteak & Kidney Beans. It was difficult to choose which recipe to try first – we have started a list and each of us have added recipes we plan to try in the near future as we work our way through the app.  The older girls are well on their way to being amazing cooks and Indy is well on her way to being an expert dish washer and taste tester.  The laughter we have shared, the stories that have been told as we spend time together in the kitchen and at our farm table are going to be something we will all treasure.  We will continue to feature favourite recipes and hopefully you will find some new favourites as well!