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We are donating Lot 140 Cow to Chad Young to help further his herd and we are raffling off Lot 140A with the proceeds going to help Chad begin his farming journey. Tickets will be available at $20 each from the Young family, Johnson family, as well as we will be auctioning off tickets on sale day. The 140A heifer will be drawn for partway through the sale.

If you cannot make the sale and would like to support Chad, you can send an e-transfer to and we will enter the corresponding # of tickets. Any purchase of 5 tickets or more will get sale day name recognition.  Thank you for your support!

Chad’s Story: Back in August 2015 when I was 16, I had a fairly large tumor that extended from my tailbone into my left hip.  So I was diagnosed with a bone cancer called Osteosarcoma (the same kind as Terry Fox had). So we had a bunch of tests done, and by September I started chemotherapy. I took chemo all through September, November and December until it was time for us to head to Toronto for surgery. I was told that they would be removing everything that the tumor touched, so I would have some permanent mobility issues. We met with the surgeons who would be doing the operations. They informed us that it would be a two-part surgery, at two different hospitals. The first surgery would be to put rods in my back to support my spine for when they removed the hip. The second was to take the actual tumor out. This is when I found out that it would be a good idea that they would take the whole left leg with the tumor for a number of reasons. A month later, 70 pounds lighter, and missing a leg, I was sent back to my hospital in Saskatoon to finish my revery. I recovered for about another month, until I started chemo again. Around this time, I found out that I could apply for a wish from The Children’s Wish Foundation. I got accepted, so now it was time to wish! I decided to wish for some cows! I had already bought my first Pure Bred Black Angus cow in December, and she gave me my first purebred heifer calf! The Children’s Wish people talked about it, and said it was the coolest wish they had heard of, and were happy to grant me my wish for a couple bred cows. I’m looking forward to starting my own herd. All of my treatments are done now and I started school in September.  



  • Lisa - Totally worthwhile raffle!

D&N Livestock have Lots 251- 450 in the back of the JL catalogue.  Dave has been following the JL program for many years using a number of top JL bulls, as well as an extensive AI program.  This spring he bought into the $35,000 Preseason bull as well as the $20,000 Prefer bull to complement an already deep JL bull pen.

D&N has enrolled in the CAIPP Angus program and all the sale heifers will come with a commercial Angus certificate with their Angus pedigree.  Below is an example of the certificate you will receive with each D&N heifer you purchase.

The first is Lot 297 and the second is Lot 320

jpgs11282016183924PINIMAGEjpgs11282016183924_001PINIMAGEThese heifers will come in the ring in groups of 10 but a gate run split of 5 will be allowed

We have just gone through a re-branding process and are excited to debut our new logo on the catalogue for the upcoming sale.  Keep your eye open for the new look!

Our catalogue for the Tuesday, December 13th Female Sale is now online.  Click here to see it.  If you are not on our mailing list and would like to receive a copy, just send us a message and we will make sure to get you one.



We are excited to be working on catalogue preparations for our 2016 JL Female Sale. It will be held on Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 at 12pm. We will be selling 130 bred heifers, 10 cow / calf pairs and 56 young bred cows. Both early and later calving cows. Most bred to top AI sires.

Also, D & N Livestock will once again be selling 200 Net Worth and Density commercial heifers bred Final Answer.

Hope to see you there!