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When we were proofing the catalogue, we didn’t notice that Lot 102 was not included.  He is in the sale and we will have a paper with his info that you can grab from the office on sale day. We will also have scrotals & current weights on here within the next couple days.

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Calving has gone extremely well this year with the new barn. We have very close to 350 purebred calves on the ground as well some commercials. We picked the cows off corn grazing as they got close.  We calve them through the barn and then they go back out to corn grazing as pairs. So, in this system, we anticipate most cows will graze very close to 330 days this year. We did put up enough silage in case the corn grazing failed but it looks like the 100 acres of corn will save us half our silage for next year.

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This is the first year we’ve wintered our heifers out in the bush. Right after weaning in September they went back out and stubble grazed until December. We then moved them into the bush where we have fed them silage and they just bedded down in the snow. They have stayed perfectly clean and dry and their hair coats are amazing on them. I would normally be concerned about temperament as they haven’t seen people all winter other than the feed tractor. However, with the number of Renown, Resource and Rito 1439 daughters, temperament will not be an issue. They are just as quiet as their brothers in the sale.

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