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Once again we are selling a great group of 66 bred cows out of the heart of the herd.  These cows range from first calf heifers right up to 10 year old cows.  In our minds a 10 year old cow is still in her prime as we have over a dozen 2001 cows still in production here and they are showing no signs of slowing down.  Lot 172’s dam produced here until she was 20

One of the best parts of these cows is how they are bred.  With most bred Resource there is an opportunity here to start the next year with a uniform group of calves like no other.  Many of these cows have bulls in the 2017 sale and we will have a group of them on display sale day.  A lot of the bulls on display will be full sibs to the in dam calves these cows are carrying.  Also just have a look at the heifer calves the 10 pair lots have besides them.

In making a catalogue of this size there is always a few errors.  At the top of the first pair page it says April/May calving which is incorrect as the calving dates listed under each cow are correct and the majority of the pair cows calve in Jan/Feb.

Another mistake we noticed is we missed the pictures of two of the cows that will likely lead off the cow portion of our sale.  The cows pictured below are two of my favourites, both bred early to Resource.  Both have sons in the JL 2017 March 16 Bull Sale.

Lot 152   Ban 56X


Lot 151  JLMB 208X