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We put a lot on the line the day we purchased Eliminator and he has not disappointed. That year he was the most talked about bull at SAV with unmatched performance, muscle and was the number 1 marbling bull in the entire offering. An outcross bull to our herd we have bred him to everything, and they all have worked. His sons have been our high sellers the last two years and we just can’t raise enough of their kind. Their sisters are easy fleshing, quiet females with perfect udders, and have now proven they can raise big calves. This next set of sons and daughters are just like the last two sets and you can buy with confidence as the first ones are all working well.


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SAV Resource 1441 is the most popular, powerful, proven performance sire in the Angus breed. He represents the best of the timeless Rito 707 lineage and brings to the table the basics of efficiency and natural fleshing-ability, with thickness, muscle, masculinity, superb structure, feet quality and authentic Angus breed character. Resource consistently stamps his progeny with these hard to find attributes, along with excellent docility. His progeny have proven his ability to sire pounds in the right package and have earned him proven EPD’s for weaning and yearling weight in the breed’s top 1%. Resource sons highlighted the 2014 SAV Sale and his 2015 offering are unprecedented for performance, quality and uniformity.

The phenomenal dam of Resource records a weaning ratio of 111 on 4 calves. She is a major impact, multi-trait leading cow in the SAV herd. She has multiple sons working in AI studs, 42 daughters retained in the SAV herd and 73 progeny highlighting past SAV sales, including SAV Heritage 6295, who is the sire of Harvestor. A tribe of 13 flush sisters to Resource in production at SAV substantiate his maternal legacy with their consistently ideal body type, fertility, fleshing ability and udder quality.

Resource is a full flush brother to our senior walking sire Rito 1439 and their dam is a full sister to our now deceased foundation sire Four Season.  40 progeny of Resource and Rito will headline the 2015 JL Bull and Female Sale

Rito 1439

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Rito is now our Senior Herdsire he at JL and he looks the part. A quiet, easy fleshing, powerful bull, he has naturally sired 80+ calves the last two years, and is back in shape two weeks after he is pulled. He sires easy calving, moderate cattle that will work in all conditions. Rito was our second choice of a whole bunch of full brothers. Our first choice was Resource but we lost out as he sold for $110,000. Rito’s 13 full sisters were the fanciest bred heifers I have ever saw and by the look of it exceeded expectations on their first calves. Rito is also a paternal brother to Eliminator and you know how well he has worked here. His dam is a full sister to Four Seasons and that is just the icing on the cake.

Final Answer

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We have gone back again to Final Answer and there are so many reasons. There is no bull the sires the calving ease, with as much performance as this now deceased bull. When you study the pedigrees in our catalogue Final Answer shows up often. Two sons 30T and 2193 have multiple progeny in the sale as well.

Four Seasons

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We lost Four Seasons just 2 months before his 10th birthday. In the 7 years he spent at JL he has sired 449 progeny so far and the last set of natural calves are still coming this year. He sired our high selling bulls several years in a row but its the daughters that prove his worth over and over. Already he has 8 Elite daughters and there will be many more. He sires moderate, easy fleshing progeny. and is a real udder improver. His dam and full sister would be considered the top two cows in the entire SAV herd. He is the reason we purchased, Rito 1439, Double Digit, and Prediction, and are using Resource as they are all out of those two cows. If you are building a set of reputation females take a good look at his sons or grandsons.

Traveler 5658

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5658 has been the most underrated sire here at JL since we started. in the last 8 years he has quietly sired over 330 calves. He has been the main clean up bull in our heifer pen every year so his calving ease is for real. His daughters are the right kind, and keep rising to the top each year. He is a maternal brother to the top Genex bull, Bismarck and like him is as easy calving as it gets.

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