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SAV Sale Results Schaff Angus Valley

Dad was at the SAV sale today, and once again it broke records.  The lead off bull and heifer both brought $400,000.  479 bulls averaged a record $12775.  As usual the place was packed with Angus enthusiasts, and many people went home without their bull picks.  As good as this sale was, we believe next year when the first Eliminator calves sell at SAV, all records will be shattered.  At JL this year our Eliminator sons are dominantly better than our other bulls by breed greats like Net Worth and Brand Name.  Next year it will be no different at Schaffs with the the Eliminator sons being the most talked about bulls, like he was himself when we bought him.  Right now our biggest struggle is trying to pick out which ones to keep an walking interest in.  There is 57 of them and at least half of them are of the quality that we want more of in our registered herd.

Dad did really well today.  The last few days here have been hectic.  We are right in the heart of calving, averaging 10+ a day, the clippers have been here all week, and we did all our bull and heifer pics all day Thursday.  So he left Friday early after a couple of extremely long days and he was doing the night checks as well.  He would have got to SAV Friday afternoon and then had to try and evaluate 479 bulls.  So today we didn’t get all our top picks but he got two of them and are we ever thrilled with them.

Back in October I had toured through there and really liked the Lot 347 bull, named Double Digit 2799.  He was the top bull of a flush of May 2397 and Net Worth.  May 2397 is of course the dam of Four Seasons and numerous other high sellers including Brave, and Angus Valley.  She has 25 daughter working in the SAV herd including 4136 the dam of Rito 1439 the bull we selected last year.  So I had marked him right away when I got the catalogue and learned he was the lead off Net Worth son.  Anyway Dad got him bought and I can’t wait to see him again.

When dad talked to Kelly a week ago he asked him about Lot 371 the lead off First Class son.  Kelly said he loved the bull, but to forget about him because he was was going to be too pricey for us.  Which is quite a statement when you consider what we spent on Eliminator.  Anyway Class Act 2042 is out of May 5530, and she is also the dam of Priority, and the high selling Brand Name.  She is also a sister to Four Seasons and Double Digits dam May 2397.  The write up in the catalogue says”A phenotypic standout in a class all on his own.  He is stunning from all angles and demonstrates power and presences in every step he takes.  Destined to be a major contender in the national show area or in a competitive breeding program that is focused on breeding champions”.  So I guess we are that competitive breeding program as Dad bought him.

It will be an exciting breeding season here with these two alongside the sons of Eliminator.

Our catalogue should be on here next week.  Mark you calendars for March 21.

  • Dan Walker - Thanks for posting aboutthe sale experience, I am a small time breeder who has hoping to make it down there and see the sale and bulls in person at SAV, I checked out your last years sale catalogue and want to make sure I make it on this years list. Your Dad know what lot number 322 out of the SAV sale went for?

  • David Brozik - Congratulations on your purchases and your breeding program as a whole. I also wanted to add that so far this calving season, our Eliminator calves are our favorites. You and your dad have a great eye for cattle. Keep up the good work.

  • Andrew - Thanks Dan, the SAV experience is a must see. Even if you have no intentions to buy its is well worth taking the time and enjoying it. I’ll find out what Lot 322 brought. I just checked don’t have your address yet.

  • Andrew - Thanks David, time will tell on the new bulls, but what we like about Eliminator is just how consistent they are. Had 4 Eliminator heifer calves yesterday, all weighed within 4 lbs of each other. We do get a few in the 90’s but we have used other sires that range more from 70-125.

  • Jerry Lane - Like the sav angus cattle

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