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We are excited to be working on catalogue preparations for our 2016 JL Female Sale. It will be held on Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 at 12pm. We will be selling 130 bred heifers, 10 cow / calf pairs and 56 young bred cows. Both early and later calving cows. Most bred to top AI sires.

Also, D & N Livestock will once again be selling 200 Net Worth and Density commercial heifers bred Final Answer.

Hope to see you there!


Thanks so much to everyone who came out to our sale & to those who watched & purchased online. We had a great crowd and a very active set of bidders which allowed us to sell 146 bulls in under 2 hours.

Sale results posted below.

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Gross Average

146 Bulls $842,400 $5,770

High Selling Yearling Bulls

Lot 71C – JL Preseason 5071 sold for $35,000 to

D&N Livestock & Box Ranching & Preseason Semen Group.

Lot 31C – JL International 5031 sold for $28,000 to

Spruce View Angus, Killam, Ab.

Lot 1C – JL Active Duty 5001 sold for $26,500 to

Corrie Richardson, Eastend, Sk.

Lot 22C – JL Prefer 5022 sold for $20,500 to

D&N Livestock, Peebles, Sk.

Lot 19C – JL Resource 5019 sold for $15,000 to

Rood Ranching, Bengough, Sk.

Lot 43C – JL Super Rito 5043 sold for $12,000 to

Waveny Angus Farms, Vermilion, Ab.