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14 Cow/Calf Pairs Gross: $149,100 // Average: $10,650

106 Bred Heifers Gross: $495,750 // Average: $4,679

184 Cows Gross: $638,200 // Average: $3,468

304 Lots Gross: $1,283,050 // Average: $4,221

150 Commercial Heifers Gross: $471,000 // Average: $3,140


High Selling Pairs:

Lot 125 – JL Cassie 2055 sold for $7,250 to Young Dale Angus, Carievale, SK.

Lot 125A – JL Cassie 5050 sold for $14,000 to Adrian Rehorst, Teeswater, Ont.

Lot 120 – JL Ms Morrison 3018 sold for $9,000 to Hi-Low Angus, Lumsden, Sk. 

Lot 120A – JL Ms Morrison 5061 sold for $8,500 to Locust Grove Angus, Milton, Ont.

Lot 129 – JL Blackbird 0154 sold for $6,250 to Marlene Stocker, Marwayne, Ab.

Lot 129A – JL Blackbird 5098 sold for $11,250 to Walkerbrae Farms, Guelph, Ont.

Lot 126 – FRL Blackbird 4S sold for $4,500 to Steve Berfelz, Walkerton,Ont.

Lot 126A – JL Blackbird 5093 sold for $13,000 to Shagbark Farms, Ont.


High Selling Bred Heifers:

Lot 1 – JL Evening Tinge 4520 sold for $16,000 to Adrian Rehorst, Teeswater, Ont.

Lot 7 – JL Beauty 4437 sold for $8,400 to Trevor Platt, Val Marie, Sk.

Lot 76 – JL Rosetta 4478 sold for $8,100 to Nordal Angus, Simpson, Sk.


High Selling Cows

Lot 138 – Northern View Lucy 94A sold for $8,500 to CSI Angus, Emerald Park, Sk.

Lot 151 – HF Tibbie 178T sold for $8,250 to Matt Bushbeck, Ont.



Photos of the day coming soon….

So just an update on what we are hoping to accomplish on Monday and Tuesday.  All our sale pens are now set up.  We have made some changes from our bull sale penning just to hold the extra 300 head.  We will start penning cattle early Monday morning and hope to have everything settled in by 1pm.  In the afternoon we will fine tune our sale order.  We believe it will follow the catalogue for the most part but there will be a few changes.  Some of the pairs will likely lead off the sale and we may sell some of the commercial heifers part way through.  As soon as sale order is finalized I will post it on here.

The rest of the afternoon will be open for cattle viewing, and there will be a supper served.  Tuesday we are hoping to feed and water the cattle right in their sale pens early.  Breakfast will begin about 8 and cattle will be available for viewing after. Lunch will start about 10:30,  sale starts at 12:30.  Load out will begin immediately following the sale and if you can’t bring a trailer, the cattle are just fine to remain here for a few day.

If you are unable to attend the sale, feel free to contact any of our sale staff or me personally ( Andrew at 306 736 7393) and we can advise on all of the lots and handle your bids.  DLMS is also hosting the sale online and you can registered, bid and follow the sale live with them

Looking foreword to seeing everyone on Tuesday

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