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Heifer Bulls

When we are looking at breeding heifers there are a couple things we look at.  In our mind the most important tool for selecting a bull for heifers is his BW EPD.  In our minds EPD’s in general are a more accurate way of evaluating genetics than actual weights.  So many times a calves BW is influenced by weather, or stress and a not necessarily genetics.  EPDs not only look at the actual weights but factor in all the siblings, parents and herdmates data to give a more accurate number.  The more information and the larger the herd numbers the more accurate the EPDs are.

So depending on your heifers we generally just look at the EPD.  If you are breeding straight Angus heifers, we believe most Angus bulls will calve unassisted.  If you are calving large numbers it would still be a good idea to stay under the 2.5 EPD just to be safe.  When you breed heifers that that have a bit of exotic blood in them we would highly recommend trying to stay under 2 EPD.

It used to be that a heifer bull was just a poor bull.  The genetics were not available that would allow a low birth weight calf grow and mature into a front end herd bull.  That is all changed now.  Most of our feature bulls this year are out of heifers and would be very suitable to use back on heifers.  In all, over half our sale offering can be use used with confidence on heifers. 

Final Answer 0035 one of the most highly proven calving ease sire in the Angus breed.  Progeny sell on Thursday, March 17


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