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Schaff Angus Valley sale SAV sale results

On Saturday Dad and Ian went down to the SAV sale.  Someone had to take care of things here at JL and I guess I drew the short straw.  A month ago Dad and I had toured through the bulls down there and we had a game plan after looking at the sale order.  When we were down there we had identified 3 cows that we felt had the best progeny right across the board.  Four Seasons mother 2397, his full sister 4136,  and Bullets dam had the best sons and daughters of all 630 calves we evaluated.

So throughout the whole sale order there were several sons of those three cows that Dad was going to try and buy.  The Rito sire group was selling later in the day and my pick of the entire sale bulls was Lot 83, a paternal brother to Eliminator.  Dad had several other picks that were selling earlier and I thought the chances were he would get one of those.  

 We knew the sale was going to be strong, but we never expected it to average what it did.  From reports we have received, 440 bulls averaged $12400 and 190 heifers averaged $11300.  Keep in mind the vast majority of these bulls went to commercial herds.  Now I am not saying I understand the economics of the commercial producers spending that much.  However most of those customers were repeat buyers and they are repeat customers for a reason, the bulls are working.

So Dad tried all day to buy a bull and although being runner up on several of his picks he wasn’t getting anything bought.  When Lot 83 came in we got lucky and  bought him for $19,000.  Even though $19,000 is a awful lot of money, after a sale like that we almost feel like we got a real deal.   One of his full brothers Lot 69, brought $110,000 for only 2/3 semen interest.

There were 17 full brothers to SAV 707 Rito 1439.  In our opinion the strongest, most consistent flush in the offering that day.  His 12 full sister that Kelly is retaining were the fancy set of females on the ranch.  The full sister that sold brought $20,000.

1439 is a half brother to Eliminator.  We are so impressed with Eliminators young progeny at this point that we knew we could use another brother.  These two bulls will be used heavily back on Four Season, Carbon Copy, Net Worth, Final Answer and Bismarck daughters.

SAV 707 Rito 1439 is the top bull on the second sale page.  These two pages show the strenght of Four Seasons full sister the great SAV Blackcap May 4136.  She also had six sons by Iron Mountain and yes we liked them too.


  • Tracy Sproat - Wow! I think I’d better attend a Cattle Farming 101 course before the JL sale. Either that or stay home sale day! Laurie, when are you teaching a Farm Economics and Picturing Bulls class?

  • admin - The best way to learn farm economics is come and wave your hand. Or just enjoy the day. Either way just come and have lunch

  • Tracy Sproat - Nice try, Andrew! Unfortunately I do have experience with auction sales, so I won’t be waving my hand, scratching my nose (no matter how itchy it is) or adjusting my hat anywhere in the vicinity of the sale ring. With my luck I’d find myself the owner of a 2/3 semen share and set a new sale price record! I’m not sure what the town of Kipling’s bylaw is regarding bovine pets, and where would I find a leash big enough? Can you imagine scooping poop? I’d need the payloader following along behind. No, I don’t think Shane would let me buy a bull!

  • laurie - Haha Tracy…. C’mon your girls would love a new pet :)

  • admin - Once upon a time Johnson Livestock Angus began with the purchase of 1 Angus female.( She is still here in production) As you can see these Angus are a bit like rabbits. In a few more years its going to get outa hand.
    But you may want to purchase your farm first Tracy!

  • Tracy Sproat - hmmm, so all I need to do is buy a farm and one heifer? All kidding aside, it’s my dream to farm and raise my kids like I was raised, however I find the current price of land highly prohibitive not to mention developing a yardsite, building a house…etc. I think it’s very respectable and quite amazing what you’ve done with your family farm! If I ever decide to raise a heifer or two on the Kingswood Golf Course pasture land I’ll come shopping!

  • lowellrwatson(madison,wi) - This is the 2nd funniest thing that I have seen in the last week!

    Good luck on your sale and hope you have good weather, buying crowd and plenty of those ‘golf’ buddies!


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