A few sale bull pics

Here is just a couple pics of the first few sale bulls. 

JL Open Season 1015 - One of the 23 real good Four Season sons.

JL Upper Class 21Y – One of the 21 Upward progeny on the sale and are they very stout.

JL Free Copy 1022 - One of the 39 Carbon Copy progeny in the sale. Lot 22 has massive volume and a big hip.


JL Rito 1048 – An outcross Rito 112 son out of a Right Time dam from our Cassie cow family.  He is good.

JL Brave 1049 – We have 21 Bismarck Progeny in the sale.  This is a very good son out of one of our top Four Season daughters

JL Final Bell 1059 – 21 Final Answer progeny on the sale.  Here is a great one out of a Young Jock heifer.

I will try get some more on tomorrow.

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